Haljas, Ltd.

Aare Piik, Head of Marketing

Haljas Ltd. was founded in Tallinn in 1989 and was at that time one of the first private companies in Estonia.

From the small co-operative offering transport services the company has grown into a well known and recognized company dealing with the import, export and wholesale of food stuffs in neighbouring  and in a few other European countries.

We wished to monitor the working hours of our salesmen and count the times they visited clients. To get this information, Navirec was installed on our vehicles. We received information about deficits and new possibilities were suggested right after the installation. We where then able to confirm suspected problems with evidence. Our sales grew about 15 % after we analysed our problems and discussed the results with our sales personnel. Management of the company now has a better overview of sales and planning. The Navirec solution helped to discipline our sales personnel, plan our sales and cut the costs.

Balsnack, Ltd.

Riho Pandis, Head of Sales Department

Balsnack Ltd was established in 1992. Today, we are the only potato chip manufacturer in Estonia.

Balsnack was facing trouble in monitoring the traffic and operations of our sales personnel. The company just did not have an overview of vehicle traffic. Navirec was installed on our vehicles to help find a solution. In addition, we wanted to see if our sales strategy was paying off. One of the important parts of the strategy is to have an overview of sales calls in a specific region.

As a result, we clearly saw deficiencies in many sales regions. The following negotiations between management and sales personnel were based on facts, not on emotions and assumptions. We ended up with growing sales, improved efficiency and lower costs.

Cantori, Llc.

Andres Kask, Manager

Cantori is a Tartu-based company operating in concrete production and sales. Our ready-mixed concrete lorries were equipped with Navirec-devices. We were monitoring fuel usage, general logistics and tried to detect possible loss of concrete before arrival to the client.

We were not afraid to invest in using Navirec, because higher efficiency and lower costs were an obvious incentive! We began saving resources, because a large part of our costs were derived from unplanned and unnecessary vehicle usage. This can now be avoided.

From the first day on installment, the result was a significant saving in expenditure and improvements in discipline, management and logistics. Since direct expenses were the result of poor and inconsiderate vehicle use, savings were produced by the improvement of management and logistical planning. The haul of residual concrete without the consent of the management was terminated. The solution became the only real tool for the management to acquire an overview of events in the company.