Navirec is an cutting edge vehicle tracking system. Using cellular data communication with satellite positioning (GPS) it provides accurate information about the location of vehicles in real time via the internet. Navirec also provides data about the previous movements of the monitored vehicle. All that is required is web browser and a small device that is placed inside the vehicle. This information can be accessed by your computer anywhere. 

The Device

The Navirec server receives information about the location of the vehicle and values of any detectors (temperature, fuel, placement of the crane or the blinker lamp) via the Navirec-device. This device is small and works autonomously after installation, so the driver can forget its existence.

User interface

You can access data about the location and trafficing of your vehicles quickly and comfortably through the Navirec web client anywhere with the help of a computer with a web browser.

Why Navirec?

The reasons are evident:

    1.    Navirec assists with the saving of resources, which reduces expenditure.

    2.    Navirec helps You to plan logistics and improve efficiency.

    3.    Navirec assures control of the vehicle park in real time and also allows you to browse past actions.

    4.    Navirec gives you the ability to monitor possible illegal use of your vehicles.

    5.    Navirec allows to control the working time.


These are just some of the reasons why Navirec is a great system for your company. Our experience and performance results show that Navirec helps to improve the efficiency of both large and small companies.

How can you use Navirec?

In small vehicles - special purpose vehicles, delivery, taxis, etc.

In special purpose vehicles – excavators, high impact washers, tractors, cranes, logging machinery, etc.

Heavy goods vehicles - tanks, trucks, trailers, buses. etc.

Complex problems can be converted to simple solutions!